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“Marvellous and highly original” – V.S. Ramachandran
“A dazzling masterpiece…comprehensive and profound” – Norman Doidge
“Clear, penetrating, lively, thorough and fascinating…splendidly thought-provoking…I couldn’t put it down” – Mary Midgley
“Beautifully written, erudite, fascinating and adventurous” – A.C. Grayling
“Unbelievably rich…of absolutely crucial cultural and intellectual importance” – Louis Sass

Articles of Interest
One Head, Two Brains: How The Brain’s Hemispheres Shape The World We See Interview with Iain McGilchrist on NPR’s Hidden Brain
The World’s Smartest People by Claire Warren from Work.
Divided Brain, Divided World by Jonathan Rowson and Iain McGilchrist
Science and the Humanities An Essay by Steven Pinker with Response by Iain McGilchrist