Conversations for the film Tawai

Left & Right Hemisphere

Attention & Perception

RSA Animate: the Divided Brain
Ted talk based on talk at the RSA

The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World
Original RSA talk on which RSA Animate is based

Anyone with half a brain can see that
TEDX talk at Ghent

“As deep a question as you can possibly ask”
A conversation with Jordan Peterson

Making Sense Part 1
A brief documentary with Gandy Dancer Films

Things are not what they seem
Schumacher College Address

Matter is a Relative Matter
Interview with Matt Shaw of Lush

An Evolutionary Account of Brain Laterality
Address given at the Second Symposium of the Evolutionary Psychiatry Special Interest Group fo the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Interview with Duncan CJ
EP. 129. of the Spirit Pig Podcast

Rebel Wisdom Part One
Part Two

Two-part interview with Rebel Wisdom

Matter is a Relative Matter
A conversation with Matt Shaw of PermacultureMedia

What Is Life?
A conversation with Tim Freke

Medicine Unboxed 2014
An exploration of the nature of thought, matter, and consciousness

Understanding the Brain with Dr. Iain McGilchrist
Iain McGilchrist talks about his research into the human brain and why we’re in such a state.

What Brains Can Tell Us – and What They Can’t
Lecture for Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers Conference

Beyond Black and White: Truth, Paradox & the Substance of Faith
Virtual Forum with Regent College

What Happened to the Soul?
Further RSA talk

The divided brain — interview with Iain McGilchrist | VIEWPOINT
Further RSA talk

The Infinite Brain and the Narrow Circle Introduction

Annual Blake Society Lecture 2016

The Master and His Emissary
64th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture

Interview with Iain McNay

Can brain science cast light on cultural history?
Lecture at Persons and their Brains conference, Oxford

Minding design
Architecture and neuroscience at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, AZ

Age of wonder
Lecture at the NatLab Foundation, Eindhoven

The philosophy of neuroscience – mazes of the mind
With Bryan Appleyard and Colin Blakemore at the Institute of Art and Ideas

Soul Searching Excerpt One
Excerpt Two
Excerpt Three

Three excerpts from David Malone’s 2-part exploration of neuroscience, mathematics, physics and the contemplative life

Our minds at war
Lecture on depression delivered at Toronto under the aegis of the Literary Review of Canada

The courage to think differently
Talk at Ci2012 conference

Creative Innovation Interview
Interview at Ci2012 conference

The path to wisdom
Depression and the depths of hell

Two brief interviews while delivering the Laing Lectures, Vancouver

The Limits of Logic
Mazes of the Mind
The New Romantics
A Spider in the Eye
Being Conscious
Secrets of the Mind

Series of debates for the Institute of Art and Ideas

What if the right brain hemisphere ruled the world?
Appearance on The Agenda with Steve Pailin